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Hello and welcome to my site. I'm a freelance level designer / environmental artist working in the video games industry. I'm based in Aberdeen, Scotland, and typically work remotely for companies in North America and Europe. This site contains a few small samples of my work and information about some of my projects. Please feel free to email me at the address at the bottom of this page.

Thank you,
Dr Gordon Miller

-18 June 09

I've just completed a project for Viscom, a local multimedia company. The work involved creating a high poly reproduction of the interior of a B1900D plane for use in a health and safety training video. (Pictures will be posted around August once all the legalities are clear)


-13 Mar 09

Updated the Projects page with info and some screens from my work for Secret City. Also added some of my Work in Progress maps including a modelling project of a local building and an Unreal Engine 3 demo map.


-09 Aug 08

Added a new page where I'll be uploading free seamless textures (from photo references). I'm concentrating on simple base textures for the moment (for external walls and ground surfaces) as these are what I've found most useful in my own projects. A few diffuse maps are up, normal and specular maps will be available soon.

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-20 July 08

I'm currently creating short demo videos of some of my maps, starting with the older ones.

Karith Station 2, High: WMV (9.8Meg), Low: You Tube.

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