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- B1900D Interior

This plane interior was modelled for use in a training video animation for Viscom Aberdeen Ltd. I used Cinema4D to create this scene from some photo references. I predominantly used polygonal modelling techniques, with some HyperNurbs used sparingly for the more complex surfaces. The total polycount is just over 230,000, and a typical render averages at around 7 seconds per frame.

(oops, sorry, due to legal reasons I can't post the pictures until around August)


- Hilton Hostel (personal project)

I'm in the process of making a model of a local building that I like. I'm using all custom textures (although currently not normal mapped) and am trying to stike a balance between polycount and texture detail. I've designed it around the requirements of current generation 3D engines, it has a polycount of around 10,000tris, however 80% of that is in repeated detail models, which would use a low amount of hardware memory and ideally could be removed as a Level of Detail from a distance. The pictures below show reference photos, some early renders and editor screenshots.


- Unreal Engine 3 map (personal project)

I'm currently working on a small UE3 project in my spare time. The player will begin in a lush outdoor natural environment before travelling down a 'secret' elevator into an industrial chamber (on the verge of collapsing) which leads into a massive natural cavern looking over an underground lake. The following early screens show the central room, using stock UT3 static meshes, however the final map will involve a large number of custom models and materials.


- Secret City

I've done several projects for this German virtual world, including redesigning and optimising the central location, as well as building new regions including an Irish themed pub, a welcome center for new users, and an underground tunnel system.


- Utherverse Digital Inc.

I worked for over two years on Utherverse, an MMR (Massively Multiplayer Reality) 3D social environment. This involved large and small scale interior and exterior world building, set in a predominantly modern city environment. It uses an idTech2 equivalent engine for geometry, which required high levels of polygon optimisation. I also did some texture and model creation.

-Darklegion Development

I worked in a small team for the development of freeware team-based multiplayer game, Tremulous. In the modDB.com awards Tremulous was acknowledged as '1st Place: Player's Choice Standalone Game of the Year' and 'Honorable Mention: Editor's Choice Standalone Game of the Year'. Further it was described as 'awesome' on 1up.com. For this project I produced one large scale map, as well as co-creating smaller maps. This game, which involves teams of humans battling teams of aliens, required non-linear asymmetric layouts and pushed the (modified) Quake 3 engine in terms of on screen geometry.

Demo reel, High: WMV (9.8Meg), Low: You Tube.



- Map-Center

For around two years I was co-admin, and a leading contributor, on map-center.com, which was one of the leading level design support forums, until the site was hacked. I was a strong exponent for 'caulk box' level building and brush optimisation techniques.

- Geocomp 3

Level design forum Levelsource (now defunct), ran a six week Quake3 mapping competition, where emphasis had to be placed on world geometry rather than textures. Under peer review my entry 'Cyber Angels Wept' was given first place in two of the three catagories (Level Design and Originality).


- Independent mods

I've contributed maps to many smaller mods, including Gloom (Team based - Quake2), Defrag (Trickjumping - Quake3), and QPong (Sports - Quake3).


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